For Committee Chairs

Thank you for your service to the community. Below are some documents to help you in your role as committee chair:
  • Guidelines for Publications: This board-approved document outlines our communications guidelines and can be helpful to you in promoting events or programs.
  • Press Release Worksheet: If you have an event in need of media coverage, prepare a press release using this template. Send your draft release to the Director of Administration for review and release. The office will use an existing media distribution list to send out your release. You should plan to handle sending the release to specialty outlets that are not on our main media contact list. 
  • Event Budget Worksheet: This worksheet can be used to build your event budget.
  • Guidelines Commission on Programming: This board-approved document outlines how programs are planned and established.
  • You may also have a need for a copy of the current Bylaws and our Mission and Core Values.

There are many web resources that could be helpful to you in your committee's work. Here are some suggestions:
  • E-mail Distribution: We maintain a congregation-wide distribution list in Constant Contact. That's the platform we use to send out the weekly e-mail. If you are interested in sending out something to the community, contact the office and we'll help you use Constant Contact.
  • Scheduling meetings: Can't get everyone to agree on a meeting time? Consider MeetingWizard or Doodle. These services are easy to use. Just propose several dates and you can monitor the response.
  • Sign-ups made easy: SignUp Genius allows you to post volunteer opportunities or time slots and people can select the time/date that works best for them. 
  • Gathering feedback: SurveyMonkey is a useful took for surveys. You can use it to survey class or event participants for feedback, or even to gather information for planning. (But before you launch into a survey of the congregation, please let your VP know so it can be coordinated with other community-wide communications efforts.)
  • Sharing documents: Consider using Google Docs or DropBox for sharing committee documents. (Note: Be careful about putting personal information about congregants on a public platform. And NEVER post credit card information.)
  • Conference calling: The Jewish Center has a free, reservationless conference call number through  Contact the main office to get this information for your upcoming meetings.