2013 Tichon Trimester II Core Courses


Grade 8 - "B'resheet: Acting Out The Bible" 
This is a course of biblical text study which utilizes drama and improvisation in order to breathe life into familiar biblical characters and stories.  Through this hands-on exploration of our past, students will attain a deeper understanding of the texts and interpretations which shape our Jewish lives and identity (and have fun while doing so).
Grade 9 - God Wrestling
The God wrestling course provides the students with the opportunity to ask and explore theological questions and concerns.  This is a class where the students teach with the instructor and each other.  This class challenges their beliefs while maintaining respect for the traditional beliefs of our Jewish ancestors.  We will explore, among other issues, the following questions: What do Jews believe?  Can we, as a group or people, define God?, Do the thirteen principles by Maimonides hold true for modern day Jews?, Can you draw or create a visual picture of God, even if no one really knows what God looks like? Does a human being have the right to hold God accountable morally? What is the relationship between God and humankind? Why do bad things happen to good people? Do humans have a right to argue with God? Do Jews have the right to argue with God? Can humans ever "truly" know God or God's will? Can God ever truly "know us"? 
Grade 10 - Media Torah Values
All of us are exposed to TV and other forms of media. We see images of violence, drug abuse, promiscuity, cynicism, and hatred. Music videos, TV, movies, advertisements and internet sites are often what shape our views of relationships, honesty, love, and language. The images can be troubling and vulgar as well as humorous and entertaining. What is the Jewish response? We will learn to sort through the mayhem in this course.
Grade 11 & 12 - Tichon Ve’od - Tikkun Olam
This program will continue to offer students the chance to study Tikkun Olam (healing the world) and participate in community service projects. On the first Wednesday of each month, students will participate in group study. One Sunday a month students will apply their learning through hands on service projects and trips. See the calendar for upcoming community service projects. 


2013 Tichon Trimester II Second Period

Tichon second period (7:15 – 8:00 p.m.) will continue to offer a variety of different sessions that will help students connect with each other, Jewish tradition, and their synagogue. Jewish identity and expressions is the general theme of these sessions throughout the year. Students will participate in a broad spectrum of creative programming and will also have ample time for socializing.