Bible BaBoker

Bible BaBoker is a Torah study group, comprised of congregants who meet each Shabbat morning from 8:45-10am to study a section of the week’s Parsha. We are not Torah scholars and our goal is not to become Torah scholars. Rather, we study the parsha of the week in order to try to extract some wisdom from the Torah that we can use in our daily lives to become better Jews and better people. We combine our own analysis with commentary from contemporary rabbis and the insights can be most rewarding. When we study the challenges faced by our ancestors, their successes and failures, we recognize that there are parallels to similar challenges in our modern life that we can learn from.
Approximately one Shabbat/month between Sept.-June, we invite one of the rabbis or academic professors in Judaic studies from the area to facilitate our discussion. Their advanced training enables us to study Torah in even greater depth and understanding.
Prior Torah knowledge or background is not necessary and new participants are always welcome. Study with us each week or whenever you can make it! We look forward to learning together.  

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Event Location

Adult Library