The Jewish Center is a fully-egalitarian congregation in all aspects of ritual, religious and educational programming. Women and men read from the Torah, have aliyot to the Torah, lead our services, read the Megillah on Purim and sound the shofar. Adult education programs bring male and female scholars and teachers to the community, and we encourage children to see all adults in a variety of nurturing and guiding roles.

All men in the sanctuary are expected to wear kippot and, if Jewish, tallitot. Women are welcome to cover their heads and/or wear tallitot as many of our women do. All men who come onto the bimah for an aliyah or any other honor are required to wear tallitot, and women who receive honors are strongly encouraged to do so.

We strive to have our language conform in this way as well. Prayers and readings in English  that refer to God often are modified to be gender neutral and in Hebrew, the amidah prayer includes the matriarchs as well as the patriarchs.