Book Club

The Jewish Center's Book Club reads and discusses books of  Jewish interest.

The group meets usually on the third Tuesday of the month.   Relax with a good book -- and then join us for a lively and engaging discussion.  Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you enjoyed the book or not  even if you haven't finished it.

Multiple copies of our selections are usually available at the Princeton Public Library on the "Book Club" table. Or you can purchase the book from Amazon. Every time you go to Amazon from our website, The Jewish Center earns up to 15% of each sale.


See the list of previous selections for a taste of the types of books we discuss. 

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Upcoming Selections

Greetings Readers!
I hope all these recent thunderstorms have not cramped your summer style. I have a little bit of business to discuss. My two years as TJC Book Club chair are complete and Louise Sandburg ( has graciously agreed to step back into the lead position. I have volunteered to continue sending the reminder emails, so you will still be hearing from me. I want to thank everyone for their support and request that you continue to recommend and volunteer to pre-read books, but please bounce those suggestions to Louise. I also want to put out a call for discussion leaders. We have rotated that responsibility the last few months and it has been wonderful!
Our next TJC Book Club meeting will be on the third Tuesday, August 20, at 7:30pm. We are currently scheduled to meet in the TJC Beit Midrash (that is the small chapel), but stay tuned and be flexible.  We meet this month to discuss:
Daniel Silva's "House of Spies"
As long as Daniel Silva keeps producing heart-pounding Gabriel Allon thrillers, I, for one, would be happy to make this series a traditional summer selection.
For future planning, save these dates and read these books: 
  •    September 17 -- Lynda Schuster's "Dirty Wars and Polished Silver"
  •    October 15 -- Michael David Lukas' "The Last Watchman of Old Cairo"
  •      November 19 -- Deborah Prinz's "On the Chocolate Trail"

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