Youth Activities

Youth culture and family programming are important priorities for us here at The Jewish Center. We provide a broad range of age-appropriate programs and family events to build the Jewish identity and communal connection for our youngsters and families with young children. 

Click here for our calendar of youth activities.

Our Youth Groups

Nitzanim (Buds)
Our youth group for students in Gan , Alef & Bet (K, 1st and 2nd grades). Students will participate in a variety of creative social programs throughout the year, relating to the Jewish holidays. Programming will emphasize fun while playing games and learning. TJC children will enjoy these activities on the grounds of The Jewish Center. All programs will be on Sundays from 11-12 during Religious school
Haverim (Friends)
Inviting all Gimmel and Daled students (3rd and 4th grades) to join together for an afternoon or evening of fun. Haverim is designed to provide the children with fun activities while promoting friendships that will grow stronger through their years at TJC. Students will participate in social activities, holiday celebrations and sleepovers. 
Kadima (Onward)
Offering 5th and 6th graders the opportunity to participate in youth programs with their TJC peers within a social Jewish atmosphere. The social activities in this group will focus on holidays and Israeli themes while having lots of fun! Participation is this group will create opportunities for new friendships with other children at TJC.
Bogrim (Upper class)   
A brand new youth group for Zayin students (7th graders). We recognize that this is a busy year for each TJC Zayin student (especially with all of the b’nai mitzvot many of them are attending) yet we realize the importance of offering them social programming. With only three programs during this year, we hope that every Zayin student will be able to participate.
TJC Teen Programming 
Focussing on the Tichon student and all TJC teenagers (8th through 12th grades). Like Facebook and Twitter, we create a social network for all our teens. It doesn’t matter what school they attend or from which surrounding area of Princeton they live. They will have the opportunity to connect with each other at TJC and participate in social, holiday and religious programs. For those interested in the wonderful programs that USY provides, we will include all the information that they will need for regional programs and conventions.
For more information about our Youth Activities, please be in touch with Sharon Diamondstein