High Holy Days & Festivals

High Holy Days

A hallmark of The Jewish Center's celebration of the High Holy Days is the breadth of worship opportunities offered to adults and children.

Our primary service is held in the Sanctuary on both days of Rosh HaShanah, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur morning and afternoon.  The Sanctuary service is led by Rabbi Adam Feldman and Cantor Jeff Warschauer, with participation by congregants as well. We use the Lev Shalem Machzor that provides us with the traditional Hebrew prayers, contemporary English translations, and numerous related readings and essays related to the High Holidays. One of the highlights of the Yom Kippur services is when we all gather for Neilah and Havdalah at the end of the day.

The Jewish Center also offers an alternative service that meets at the Riverside School on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur morning. This service uses Machzor Lev Shalem and does not employ a professional cantor, relying instead on a cadre of talented volunteers to lead various aspects of the worship. The service is designed to be participatory, with joyful congregational singing and brief kavannot (short teachings or spiritual frames) interspersed throughout and has an intimate and informal feel.

Youth services for children of several age groups are offered on the High Holy Days. The traditional Tashlich service is held at the Carnegie Lake parking area on Rt. 27 approximately one mile north of The Jewish Center.

Selichot services are held on the Saturday night prior to Rosh HaShanah. The Jewish Center joins with other Princeton area congregations for Selichot, with community-wide services held each year at a different synagogue.

Admission to High Holy Day services is by ticket only. Tickets are mailed to all congregants in good standing a few weeks before Rosh HaShanah. The tickets include details on service times and events. Members may purchase guest tickets for family members and non-members may purchase a ticket by contacting the Office at The Jewish Center at 609-921-0100.


Festival celebrations are joyous at The Jewish Center. We observe both days of all Festivals with morning services that always begin at 9:30 AM. We have evening holiday services on Erev Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre erev Purim, erev Tisha B’Av and Simchat Torah. On the evening of Simhat Torah, a celebration including traditional dancing and music attracts hundreds of congregants and their children. At Purim, a family Purim "shpiel" precedes the megillah reading, with clergy and congregants serving as readers of Megillat Esther. Also, services are held on Tisha B'Av evening, when the book of Eicha is recited. We welcome and encourage everyone to join our celebrations.