Additional Programs


Mechina (Daber Ivrit 2)

Mechina is a 2-hour weekly Hebrew immersion program for Gan, Aleph and Bet students.  It is a continuation of the Daber Ivrit program held in The Joan Levin School of Early Childhood Education.  Please note that Daber Ivrit 1 is NOT a prerequisite for signing up for this class.  This class uses the "Chalav u'Dvash" curriculum that teaches Hebrew in Hebrew.  The students learn through music, art and hands-on activities.



Yachdav Program

Our award-winning Yachdav program supports students with unique learning styles.  Individualized Jewish educational plans are created for each student in consultation with parents and the Yachdav Program Coordinator.  The Yachdav program provides students with a multi-sensory learning environment, including the use of games, Legos, interactive computer programs, and Smart Board lessons in order to provide students with meaningful Jewish learning experiences.  This program utilizes small group learning or one-on-one teaching, as needed.  Our goal is to provide every student with a love of Jewish learning in a nurturing and accepting environment.

Note:  Families interested in this program should contact Gila Levin, Director at 609-921-7207 to set up a consultation with the Yachdav Program Coordinator to determine eligibility. 


(Sunday morning clubs for Gimmel - Vav)
Enrichment classes for chug (club) activities are offered during the third hour on Sunday mornings (11am-12pm).  Chugim attendance is optional, though highly encouraged.  Any student may participate in a chug, whether or not they attend Sundays.  Different options are offered each trimester, and for different grade levels.  Chug options include cooking, improvisational theater, Israeli dancing, Israeli outdoor games, Art, newspaper, Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense), Jewish comics, choir, drama, and more.