TJC Teen Program

Teen Programming

Wednesday Evenings: 6-8pm

Grades 8-10 – Weekly
Grades 11-12 -  Monthly



We are very excited to share with you our new Tichon program this year.  In order to always provide our teens with the best possible experience, we are continually evaluating our curriculum and programs.  After researching national trends, and listening to feedback from our Tichon families, we know that volunteerism/service learning and social opportunities are of utmost importance to our teens.  We are excited to be able to provide your child with a model that will afford ample time for both.
The first part of our program will provide an opportunity to incorporate the important social ideal of volunteerism with Jewish values.  Our Wednesday night Tichon activities will all be incorporated under the rubric of Jewish Service learning. This model will incorporate hands on work, learning and reflection.
Our teens will study Jewish text to understand the Jewish values at the heart of the mitzvahs they will perform and, after performing the Mitzvah, they will explore the impact it had on them and their community. There is a great Jewish value of evaluating ourselves and our actions and we want to incorporate the opportunity for these discussions with our teens.

The year-long program includes 6-7 mini courses of four sessions each.  Students will explore Jewish topics in Tikun Olam such as the environment, poverty, genocide, domestic violence, the elderly, Israel and others.  They will interact directly with representatives from organizations addressing these topics and they will volunteer their time in a meaningful way.

Our program will take place weekly on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm for grades 8-10, and monthly for grades 11-12.


6-6:30                   Dinner – Open to all participants
6:30 -7:30             Program or Activity – at times all participants together and at times separated by grade
                                Week 1: Preparation for each Theme – could include text study, group conversations, film or other educational                                        tools
                                Week 2: Introduction by a representative from the organization or someone who has been impacted by their work
                                Week 3: Activity with the organization
                                Week 4: Reflection – what did we learn, how do we feel, how can we incorporate this value in our lives, how can                                    we be better next time
7:30 -8:00             Social time – snack, schmooze

BBYO Youth Group

The second part of our program will add social opportunities in various ways.  TJC is proud to be partnering with BBYO and we will be hosting the Princeton Chapter in our building with monthly activities.  These will mostly be on Saturday evenings. 

In addition, as the majority of respondents to our survey are interested in Shabbat activities, we will be hosting 3 special teen Friday night services and dinners throughout the year.  This will be another opportunity for our children to experience Judaism in a way that is relevant to them.

Tuition for Tichon for members of TJC will include your membership for BBYO and all Shabbat dinners in addition to the Wednesday night curriculum.

There will be a separate rate for non-members to participate in the Tichon program.  We encourage you to invite friends to join us!

Please note that BBYO is open to the community and there is a separate fee for those who are just members of BBYO. We are excited that your children will have the opportunity to meet other Jewish teens in the region and have a more robust social program in the context of Jewish Values.