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Cantor Jeff Warschauer
TJC Newsletter Article for February 2020

Dear TJC Family,

We have suffered a grievous loss in the tragic passing of Rabbi Feldman. As we struggle together to come to terms with it, I would like to offer some personal thoughts and memories.

Rabbi Feldman welcomed me very warmly to TJC. His door was always open to anyone who had a question or who needed help or advice, myself included. He had very high standards for himself, the leadership, the staff, and the congregation, and he was always there to help us meet those standards.

I learned so much from Rabbi Feldman: He had exceptional liturgical skills, which he generously shared with me. He was a model pastor, always there for anyone in need, who would provide excellent guidance and advice to all. He devoted his whole soul to his congregation.

Our deep sympathy goes out to the Feldman/Bucholtz family. And our great thanks go to them too, for sharing Rabbi Feldman with us for 14 years.

I will miss Rabbi Feldman terribly.

The Jewish Center is a strong place. We have wonderful leadership, led by President Randy Brett. Kudos go to Randy, who has jumped in with his calm, strong, and reassuring presence. Our staff is highly skilled, and every member has put heart and soul into helping us through this time. And we have a fantastic congregational family, whose display of kindness, concern and willingness to help has been astounding.

This is indeed an extraordinarily difficult time for our TJC family. But with our strength, our diligence, and truly, our love for each other, we will get through it.

In closing, I would like to refer you to the well-known song “Gesher Tzar Me’od.”
The text is by Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav:

Kol ha’olam kulo
Gesher tzar me’od
Veha’ikar lo l’fached k’lal.
The whole world
Is a very narrow bridge
And the main thing is to
have no fear at all

(Courtesy of the Jewish Women’s Archive)

For a video of the song, sung by Ofra Haza z”l:

Friends, let’s move forward in confidence, honoring the memory of our dear Rabbi Adam Feldman z”l.

Please contact me at, or (347) 623-4228.
Cantor Jeff Warschauer