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Cantor Jeff Warschauer
TJC Newsletter Article for June/July 2020

Enhancing Our Online Services

Dear TJC Friends,

As I write this, in mid-May, the need to social-distance continues, and with it, our online-only services continue as well.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by two members of our wonderful TJC leadership, Naomi Richman Neumann and VP
of Religious Affairs Polly Strauss. They felt that, since online-only services clearly would be continuing for far longer than
initially expected, there was an urgent need to enhance the services with much more congregational participation.

We formed a group, informally called the “Enhancing Online Services Task Force,” comprised of Naomi, Polly, Rabbi Bob,
Linda Meisel, Gil Gordon, Mindy Langer, Joel Berger and Sharon Diamondstein, plus, representing the Religious Affairs
Committee, Dana Molina and Suzanne Esterman. We began meeting weekly on Tuesday mornings.

What a great group! Our meetings have been lively and full of great brainstorming. Not only that, the results have been
spectacular, which is a not only a tribute to the members of the task force, but to the willingness of our congregants to step
up and take part.

Here’s what’s happening:

During the Saturday morning online services, congregants with access to Zoom have begun reading Torah and Haftarah,
delivering divrei-Torah, leading prayers and readings from the siddur and beyond, and joining in on the participatory
Torah discussions led by Rabbi Bob. And our B’nai Mitzvah families and young families have been joining in as well.

On Friday night, we will be expanding participation in similar ways, including songs, candle lighting and Kiddush to be led
by congregants of all ages, including kids and their families.

Special kudos go to Polly and to Mindy Langer for their coordination of the participation (a big job!), to Rabbi Bob for
reaching out to the congregation to provide opportunities for participation, and to Gil Gordon, Naomi Richman Neumann,
Ed Simon and Joel Berger for their stalwart efforts to keep our online services and meetings secure from interference.
Further kudos go to Dana Molina and Joel Berger for their efforts to expand Zoom access to all our congregants.

All in all, the initiative and the results are a great tribute to the resourcefulness and resilience of our TJC family.

Deborah and I send you our continued wishes for health and safety!


Please contact me at, or (347) 623-4228.
Cantor Jeff Warschauer