For Leyners

Thank you so much for volunteering to read Torah and Haftarah. 

This section includes many resources for leyners, including mp3 files, PDF versions of the leyning, and other resources for your enrichment and enjoyment. Because these sound files are so large, sending them over email is sometimes unsuccessful. Now, you can download these files to your computer, phone, or mobile device (through iTunes or other music sharing software), and practice wherever and whenever you desire!

Here, you'll find music notes of the trope, PDF’s with trope and without (otherwise known as “stam”), and mp3 files of the trope itself as well as recordings in Hazzan Dulkin's (Female Voice) and Cantors Simon and Freedman’s voices (Male Voice). Both are provided as it may be easier to practice your reading with a voice in your similar register.

Please use the chart below to select your Torah reading. You can launch the recordings or right-click to save them to your computer.

Thank you for volunteering to read Torah. This section includes a number of resources you will need to get started. You can launch the recordings or download them to your personal device.

To aid your preparation, here are two helpful resources:


Torah Readings Shabbat Morning

Please select your parsha from the table below:

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Doubled Parshiyot
B'reishit Sh'mot Va-yikra B'midbar D'varim Va-yek`hel-P'kudei
No`ach Va-era Tzav Naso Va-etchannan Tazri`a-M'tzora
Lekh L'kha Bo Sh'mini B'ha'alot'kha Eikev Acharey Mot-K'doshim
Va-yera B'shallach Tazri`a Sh'lach L'kha R'eih B'har-B'chukotai
Chayyei Sarah Yitro M'tzora Korach Shof'tim Chukkat-Balak
Tol'dot Mishpatim Acharey Mot Chukkat Ki Tetzei Mattot-Mas'ei
Va-yetzei T'rumah K'doshim Balak Ki Tavo Nitzavim-Va-yeilekh
Va-yishlach T'tzaveh Emor Pinchas Nitzavim  
Va-yeishev Ki Tissa B'har Mattot Va-yeilekh  
Mi-ketz Va-yek`hel B'chukotai Mas'ei Ha`azinu  
Va-yiggash P'kudei     V'zot ha-brakhah