Shanah Tovah

Posted by The Jewish Center on 09/29/2019

Beginning tonight we are going to all be part of an incredible phenomenon. We are about to recreate an experience that the Jewish people have followed in some form for over four thousand years. And while we observe our holiday here in Central New Jersey, we feel pride that millions of Jews all over the world are engaging in the same rituals, reciting the same prayers, eating the same foods and experience their own sense of renewal.
There are many powerful themes of the High Holidays - rebirth, starting over, making amends, renewal, spirituality, the Shofar and so many more. As we go through this experience together, I hope we can focus on the one or two themes that speak to us more this year than in the past. I hope we can set some goals for ourselves in each area - things that we do well and things that need to be addressed. Our Rabbis teach us that while the words of the prayers remain the same each year, hopefully we are in a new place and we have a new perspective on how we want to move ahead in the new year.
From everyone at The Jewish Center, I want to wish you a Shanah Tovah. The attached video is a gift for you. You will see glimpses of people just like you and me getting ready for Rosh HaShanah and allowing the incredible music of the holidays touch our hearts. Enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Rabbi Adam Feldman