Youth Director and Ritual Assistant


Ethan joins TJC after years of working for and volunteering with a variety of different Jewish non-profits. Most recently, before the Pandemic, he was working full-time for Ramah in the Rockies, in Colorado, and he is currently living in his hometown of East Brunswick, New Jersey. 

In addition to working for Ramah, he has spent most of the last decade engaging with and teaching Jewish youth and teens – Ethan has done everything from working for summer camps and international teen travel trips, to staffing a post-high school gap-year college leadership program in Israel. 

Ethan graduated from Muhlenberg College, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a degree in Jewish Studies and Media & Communications. His focuses included the birth and history of Conservative Judaism and documentary film and photography. When he was not studying he was heavily involved in Muhlenberg’s Hillel, where he worked hard to transform Hillel’s large-scale and “cookie-cutter” experience into a more genuine and warm space.

In his time away from Jewish youth, Ethan is an avid ice hockey fan, and although he no longer plays regularly, he watches games year round, listens to hockey news podcasts, and enjoys playing fantasy hockey. He is also passionate about photography, and has made it part of his career path on and off over the last few years. He’s fond of a variety of TV shows, and if you stop by his office in the Religious School building you will most likely see a few chachkies from a few of his favorite shows. 

Speaking of his office, Ethan’s office is always open (when he is on campus), so stop by and have a seat on his couch. Talk about the future of the Jewish people or last night’s hockey game–he is always happy to have visitors stop by! 

Lastly, Ethan wants you know that he does stutter, and it’s something that he has lived with almost all his life; he is very open about it, so feel free to ask him questions about this if you like. 

Feel free to “friend” Ethan on Facebook, “follow” him on Instagram, or “connect” with him on LinkedIn.  He’s available by email practically anytime except during Shabbat or  holidays.