The Jewish Center’s Book Club reads and discusses books of Jewish interest.

Our Book Club usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month.   Relax with a good book — and then join us for a lively and engaging discussion.  Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you enjoyed the book or not, and even if you haven’t finished it.

Multiple copies of our selections are usually available at the Princeton Public Library on the “Book Club” shelves.  Or you can purchase the book from Amazon. Every time you visit Amazon from our website, The Jewish Center earns up to 15% of each sale. 

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Best wishes to all for wonderful Thanksgiving gatherings—such a great American holiday!

We have the following Book Club meetings planned:

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, at 7:30 pm we’ll meet by zoom to discuss:

The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer

“Rachel was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household… She is chronically ill and became a writer because she can’t hold a full-time job outside her apartment.  Part of her shame about her illness is its name: chronic fatigue syndrome. So many people in both the medical and social communities think the disease is psychosomatic and don’t take it seriously. Yet it massively handicaps Rachel’s life.  All this is carried along by light, clear prose, making Matzah Ball readable and entertaining even while it examines profound questions many people grapple with during their lives.”  (New York Journal of Book



On Tuesday, May 21, at 7:30 pm we’ll meet by zoom to discuss:

In the Hands of Women by Jane Loeb Rubin

“…a riveting historical suspense novel, centers on the life of Hannah Isaacson, an obstetrician in training, determined to improve medical safety for women in a time when women had few choices. This carefully researched work, set in Baltimore and New York City in the year 1900, when birth control and abortion were both illegal, leaves us contemplating whether history is repeating itself.”  (Author’s website)




For future planning, save these dates and read these books:  

June 18 –People Love Dead Jews by Dara Horn

July– Date TBD for our annual Potluck/Book Swap

As usual, all of our books can be ordered online and you can click on the Amazon Smile link to choose us as your charity, and earn a commission for the Synagogue:

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Be safe! Stay well! 



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Daniel Silva’s The Other Woman

Talia Carner’s  The Third Daughter

Dara Horn’s  In the Image

Goldie Goldblum’s  On Division

Rachel Kadish’s   The Weight of Ink

Dani Shapiro’s The Inheritance

Isabella Hamad’s The Parisian

Evie Grossman’s Hidden in Berlin: A Holocaust Memoir

Colum McCann’s Apeirogon

Daniel Silva’s The Order