The Jewish Center has a number of special purpose funds which allow you to direct your charitable giving. You may make donations to these funds by completing the form on the back of newsletter or by completing this online form.

Fund Descriptions


  • AAA - Israel ImpactFund

    Israel Impact Fund - Providing direct Humanitarian Aid for the people of Israel.  

    The fund will focus primarily on the following, as well as other urgent needs that may arise:

    1. Urgent medical assistance for victims in southern Israel

    2. Urgent mental health assistance in southern Israel

    3. Critical support for life saving equipment in southern Israel

    4. Critical support for communities in southern Israel

    5. Immediate support for families of kidnapped Israelis


  • Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund is a once-a-year initiative encouraging all congregants to give generously to our synagogue community. Donations to the Annual Fund exclusively support the operating expenses of The Jewish Center, specifically:

    • Superb, innovative programming and religious education for all ages,
    • Financial assistance to any family who demonstrates financial need,
    • Wonderful community-building kiddushes, holiday meals, and outreach to families celebrating life cycle events, and
    • Careful management of our aging facility with necessary upgrades and repairs.

    The Annual Fund is our most important way to supplement dues and pay our basic operating expenses. For more information, see our Annual Fund FAQs page.  Donate

  • Adult Education Committee Fund

    Donations to Adult Education support the creation of programs and courses of studies geared for adults. Annual mainstays for this program include the Adult Hebrew Class, the Adult B’nai Mitzvah program, lectures and films. Donate

  • Adult Library Fund

    This fund helps maintain The Jewish Center's library. Donate.

  • Apartment Construction Fund

    Help support our community initiative to help create housing for our Ugandan political asylum seekers and future refugees coming to Princeton.

    Be a part of our welcoming community and donate today.


  • Arts and Cultural Affairs Fund

    Arts and Cultural Affairs provides a broad spectrum of Jewish cultural studies to The Jewish Center such as various programming, Israeli dancing, cooking, and in 2011, a program on the world-renowned Jewish artist Marc Chagall. Donate.

  • Building Development Fund

    Toggle ContentThe Building Development Fund is used to make improvements to the buildings and grounds of our synagogue. Donate.

  • Fran Amir Community Service Trip Fund

    The Fran Amir Community Service Trip Fund provides scholarships for students to participate in the Siyyum Tichon service trip. In 2011 our students traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi and in 2012 they visited New Orleans, Louisiana. Donate.

  • General Fund

    The General Fund broadly supports all activities at The Jewish Center. Donate.

  • Hachutzah Exploratory Trail Fund
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  • Hazzan's Music Fund

    Donations to this fund allow our Hazzan to procure music or pay for performers for Center musical programs or to respond to needs in the community either by directly assisting congregants in need or by supporting other worthy organizations. Donate.

  • Irving N. Rabinowitz Conversational Hebrew Fund

    The Irving N. Rabinowitz Conversational Hebrew Fund commissions the advancement of programs designed to teach and train conversational Hebrew at The Jewish Center. This fund may be used to acquire curricular or resource materials, software or technology resources, or faculty for a Hebrew course. Donate.

  • The Israeli Affairs Committee Fund

    The Israeli Affairs Committee strengthens the American Jewish community’s commitment and resolve to support Israel. Educational activities for all ages as well as social and intellectual programming are organized to foster this relationship between Israel and the United States. Donate.

  • Jess & Marion Epstein Lunch-and-Learn Fund

    This fund provides an honorarium to guest speakers at our monthly lunch-and-learn series created in the memory of Jess Epstein. Donate.

  • The Jewish Center Refugee Fund

    The Jewish Center Refugee Fund has been set up to aid in the resettlement of a refugee family that has come to the United States through a State Department sanctioned program and falls within the mission of TJC's Social Action Committee Refugee Resettlement Subcommittee. The purpose of this fund is to aid in the resettling of and ease in the transition into life in the United States. The monies will be used for necessities such as food, clothing, housing and uncovered medical expenses or other categories as the needs arise. This list is not exhaustive and distribution will be approved through the Congregational President. Donate.

  • Jewish Center Women Fund

    Donations to Jewish Center Women helps our affiliate meet the needs of a broad cross section of women in the Jewish Center through various programs and activities. Donate.

  • Lashir Fund

    LASHIR is an independent Jewish community choir performing in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino. They hold concerts in a variety of communal and institutional settings in New Jersey and New York. The Jewish Center is proud to be a supporter of LASHIR. Donate.

  • Life and Legacy Endowment Fund

    Through your promise to the Life & Legacy campaign, you are helping to assure the vitality and strength of The Jewish Center for future generations. Donate.

  • Marchand Espir Family Holocaust Education Fund

    This fund, created in memory of the Marchand and Espir families who perished in the Holocaust, provides finances to help acquire educational materials and programs to ensure that the events of the Holocaust will not be forgotten. Donate.

  • Men's Club Fund

    The Men’s Club provides services, programs, and social events to help strengthen The Jewish Center community. Donate.

  • Neimark Senior Mitzvah Fund

    The Neimark Senior Mitzvah Fund assists and enhances the participation of seniors in Jewish Center religious and social activities. Donate.

  • Prayerbook Fund

    This fund purchases new and restores aged worship materials. Donate.

  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

    Donations to the Religious School Fund help develop curricular materials, update technology and ensure that our award-winning religious school programs is top-notch. Donate.

  • Sapoff Art Purchase and Restoration Fund

    The Sapoff Art Purchase and Restoration Fund’s purpose involves the upkeep, repair, and restoration of The Jewish Center’s ritual and decorative art collection while also providing for the acquisition of new art pieces. These contributions significantly increase the aesthetic value of our synagogue. Donate.

  • The Shabbat Luncheon Fund

    The Shabbat Luncheon Fund provides Kiddush luncheons to enhance our communal Shabbat experience. Donate.

  • The Silver Circle Scholarship Fund

    The Silver Circle Scholarship Fund assists the children in Early Childhood Education Program and the religious school with need-based tuition scholarships. The fund was created by a group of seniors in order to support the youngest members of our community. Donate.

  • Social Action Fund

    This committee supports a broad range of activities to help enable congregants to repair the world. Donate.

  • Social Action Housing Fund

    This fund supports The Jewish Center’s programs related to the plight of the homeless. Donate.

  • The Steven Levine Special Education Fund

    The Steven Levine Special Education Fund supports the Religious School's Yachdav program which provides a tailored program to students with special learning needs. Donate.

  • Torah Repair Fund

    This fund supports any needed repairs to our sacred scrolls. Donate.

  • Youth and Family Programs Fund

    This fund supports a wide range of programs aimed at school-aged children and their families. Donate