“Education is an unfinished symphony,” 

a quote attributed to the late Israeli politician Zalman Aran, beautifully summarizes the essence of The Jewish Center’s curriculum. Evidence of this mantra is easily seen in the host of learning opportunities we offer to all ages. There is truly no age-limit to gaining more knowledge and our programs are a testament to that philosophy.


Recognizing lifelong learning as a core Jewish value, Adult Education contributes to the intellectual and spiritual life of every congregant with diverse programs that enrich our understanding, raise thoughtful questions, and satisfy curiosity.



The mission of Adult Education at the Jewish Center is to provide varied, intellectually stimulating learning opportunities that are attuned to the interests of a broad cross section of the congregation and the outside community, and are offered in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

To learn more about our ongoing classes, mini-series, lectures, text study, panel presentations, films, book discussions, one-time events and major programs: please sign up for our Chadashot-weekly e-newsletter by contacting info@thejewishcenter.org or call the office 609.921.0100.

Unless otherwise noted, Adult Education programs are provided free of charge.


Provide an array of high quality educational programs that:

• Appeal to congregants at all life stages and with many different learning styles.

• Enable congregants to interact as a community and learn from one another.

• Enhance congregants’ Jewish lives and knowledge through Torah study programs and other spiritual and Jewish learning opportunities.

• Inform the membership on issues of contemporary importance.

• Create a safe and supportive environment to debate complex issues.

• Grow attendance and engagement with adult education to build a foundation for future courses, as well as new topics, teachers and formats.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

  • Adult B'nei Mitzvah

    One of TJC’s most intense and rewarding programs of study is our two-year adult b’nai mitzvah course. Culminating in a Shabbat morning service led by members of the class, this wonderful program involves weekly study sessions with our clergy, Hebrew language instruction, training in Torah cantillation, and more.  Most importantly, the program offers the opportunity for participants to develop close relationships with one another and to reflect on the role that Judaism plays in their life today.  All are welcome regardless of background!

    Please contact the temple office (info@thejewishcenter.org or 609-921-0100) if you have an interest in signing up for this program.

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    Arts & Culture Experiences

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