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  • Shabbat

    Our Shabbat worship begins Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. with both Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv. It's a wonderful time for couples, individuals and families to gather and greet Shabbat and following the service, kiddush gives us time to schmooze. A few times a year, we welcome Zamru, an independent, progressive minyan celebrating Shabbat through expressive, musical prayer. Zamru meets monthly at TJC at 6:30 p.m. service followed by a potluck dinner. When Zamru meets that service runs concurrently with our 6:30 p.m. Friday service. 
    Join via Zoom.
    Meeting ID: 878 4329 2842

    The Shabbat morning service is led in the Sanctuary by Rabbi Andrea Merow. Congregants read Torah and lead parts of the service as well and we use the Siddur Lev Shalem prayer book, and Etz Hayim, Plaut and Hertz chumashim. Services begin at 9:30 a.m. and B'nai Mitzvah are scheduled at this service. Join via Zoom.
    Meeting ID: 881 2252 7728

    During the school year, our Havurah Minyan meets on the second and fourth Shabbat of each month, from 10 am to noon, in the Adult Library. These services are under the auspices of a long-standing Jewish Center Havurah, are participant-led and consist of spirited singing, deep discussions, nuggets of learning and some experimentation. Details and contact information can be found under the Havurah Minyan tab below. We look forward to welcoming you sometime soon!

    There are also a number of age-appropriate family and youth services (see youth servces tab for details) that meet during the school year.

    This variety provides The Jewish Center's congregants with choices to help further their individual spiritual quests. Come pray with us!

  • Weekdays

    The Jewish Center holds weekday minyanim on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year.

    Wednesday, a minyan is at 7:00 AM and is virtual only.  You can click HERE to join. 

    Meeting ID: 838 5912 5012

    The Sunday minyan is a hybrid.  People can attend in person at 9:00 AM in our Bet Midrash, off the main lobby, or via the Zoom link.

    Meeting ID:856 1207 1679

    There are times when Sunday morning is only virtual due to holiday celebrations both Jewish and Secular.

    Please check out our calendar HERE for all service times.

    Also, please join our email list HERE to receive any notifications and our Shabbat email with the service times and Zoom links.

  • Bible BaBoker

    Toggle ContentBible BaBoker is a Torah study group, comprising congregants who meet each Shabbat morning from 8:45 to10:00 am to study a section of the week’s Parsha. We are not Torah scholars and our goal is not to become Torah scholars. Rather, we study the parsha of the week in order to try to extract some wisdom from the Torah that we can use in our daily lives to become better Jews and better people. We combine our own analysis with commentary from contemporary rabbis and the insights can be most rewarding. When we study the challenges faced by our ancestors, their successes and failures, we recognize that there are parallels to similar challenges in our modern life that we can learn from.
    Approximately one Shabbat each month between September and June, we invite one of the rabbis or academic professors in Judaic studies from the area to facilitate our discussion. Their advanced training enables us to study Torah in even greater depth and understanding.
    Prior Torah knowledge or background is not necessary and new participants are always welcome. Study with us each week or whenever you can make it! We look forward to learning together. To be added to the BBB mailing list or for questions, contact Michael Goldin at

  • Kulanu Minyan

    The Kulanu minyan is a lay-led, all-ages, youth-friendly, davening-focused service, that is simultaneously serious and relaxed, formal and informal. The name is intended to suggest that the service is “by us” and “for all of us” - and that “us” is diverse.
    The minyan will meet from 10 to noon once a month. The regular service will include P’Sukei d’Zimra, Shacharit, and Torah Service, and will conclude with a variety of song and prayer led by youth. The service structure may vary modestly to meet other minyan goals, which over the course of the year may include more in-depth Torah discussion; broadening the roster of Torah readers; introducing new service leaders; and learning new melodies, among others.

  • Havurah Minyan

    The Havurah Minyan has held member-led Shabbat morning services for more than 30
    years. We meet twice a month at 10:00 AM in the Adult Library, conclude at Noon, and
    then join the rest of the congregation for lunch.

    On the second Shabbat of each month we have what we call a “traditional service,” in that
    it contains almost all the elements of the Shabbat morning prayers. In place of the haftorah
    and mussaf, we use the time to enjoy an extended Torah discussion that focuses on the
    week’s parsha (portion). We also encourage one another to include traditional as well as
    creative elements in the service. One of our creative innovations is a “Moment” when a
    minyan member briefly shares a poem, reading, or piece of text and their thoughts about
    it. This has given many of us who don’t know how to lead the davenning (prayers) a way to
    contribute to the service, as well as providing an easily accessible opportunity for
    newcomers to participate.

    The fourth Shabbat of the month is our “study service,” a time when we take the
    opportunity to consider a range of material that is usually, but not always, related to one of
    the themes of the week’s Torah portion. Several minyan members take turns presenting a
    text and leading an in-depth discussion of it. The atmosphere is casual as we sit around a
    large table and study together. The basic elements of the liturgy are covered, as well, and
    breakfast is provided.

    • Why We Exist. We come together twice a month to create a lay-led Shabbat
    morning service. We take pleasure in new approaches to meaningful prayer and
    textual exploration. We believe that everyone who joins us will find that they have a
    unique and valuable contribution to make to our evolving community.
    • Where We Hope to Go. We will support each other’s ongoing learning to strengthen
    and expand the leadership of our evolving community. We will seek and create
    opportunities to engage with our fellow congregants and with the broader Jewish
    community. Our services will refresh, renew, and enlighten.
    • What Guides Us. We encourage and support the growth of The Jewish Center. We
    are committed to fostering an experience of collaboration and belonging arising
    from common interests and goals.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Havurah Minyan sometime soon. Questions?
    Contact Neil Litt (

  • Youth Services

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    On Shabbat morning there is a variety of services for children and families. Consult the newsletter or the weekly e-mail for the schedule of services on any particular week. The services include:

    • Shabbat Katan: This spirited service is designed for preschool-aged children and their families. Led by  music teacher Susan Sacks and parents, this interactive Shabbat experience includes stories, prayers, songs, and a brief Torah reading. This service will typically be held on the second Shabbat of the month in the Youth Lounge at 11:00 a.m. A Shabbat Katan lunch will follow. Open to the community. 
    • Junior Congregation: This service, for 3rd through 5th graders, is led by Debbi Dunn Solomon. Debbi brings innovative and inspiring ideas to the service. The children actively participate in leading the service. It is an excellent way to help them learn the Shabbat prayers in preparation for B'nai Mitzvah study. Junior Congregation takes place at 10:30 a.m. in the Beit Midrash each Shabbat that Religious School is in session. 

    Periodically there are other services offered on Shabbat; they will be announced in the newsletter and on the calendar page in advance.