The Executive Committee

President: Alexandra Bar-Cohen   president@thejewishcenter.org
Vice President of Finance: Neal Masia    neal@healthcapitalgroup.com
Vice President of Education: Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges
Vice President of Religious Affairs: Nancy Lewis
Vice President of Programming: Lynne Ross
Vice President of Membership & Administration: Andrea Hoberman Martinez    andreahoberman@gmail.com
Recording Secretary:
Charlene Borsack  TJCRecSec@gmail.com 
President Elect: Heidi Joseph   
Trustees:  Eve Coulson eecoulson@gmail.com Michael Leopold mleopoldmd@gmail.com
Susan Falcon sjfalcon@mac.com
Lew Gantwerk lgantwerk@verizon.net        

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the The Jewish Center consists of the seven officers (President, five Vice Presidents, Secretary), four Trustees, the Immediate Past President or the President-Elect, the chairpersons of standing committees, and representatives of Jewish Center Women and of the Men’s Club. The Executive Committee comprises the officers, trustees and immediate past president.

The Board meets monthly. Standing committees include: Adult Education; Arts and Cultural Affairs; Finance; Fundraising; House; Human Resources; Israeli Affairs; Long Range Planning; Membership; Religious Affairs; Social Action; School; and Youth and Family Activities.

Committee Chairs    

Arts and Culture Chair: Polly Strauss, Roberta Sternthal

Development Team: Susan Falcon

Finance Co-Chairs: Adam Scheer, Leah Boustan

House Chair: Judy Kutin

Israel and Us Chair: Riva Levy

Lifelong Learning Chair: Moshe Margolin

Long Range Planning Committee: Edye Kamenir, Jesse Treu

Safety and Security Co-Chairs: Tom Will, Corey Langer

Jewish Center Women Chair: Debbie Orel, Debbi Gitterman

Membership Co-Chairs: Jerry Neumann, Abbye Cornfield

Men’s Club
Co-Chair: Brad Bailey, Jeremy Black

Religious Affairs Co-Chairs: Barbara Abramson, Harry Cummins

School, Youth & Family Co-Chairs: Samantha Hirschberg, Shari Allen

Social Action Co-Chairs:  Dana Molina