The Israel & Us Committee:

The Israel & Us Committee aims to bring the many aspects of Israeli culture to our community, including holidays, food, and traditions. The committee consists of Riva Levy, Edna Bryn-Noiman, Beth Yakoby, and Nir Yakoby (committee chair). We welcome any help and ideas that serve to bring Israel into our lives at the TJC.

On Sunday September 26, we enjoyed our first activity, which was a Shira B’Tzibur or Sing-a-long where we enjoyed the presence of about 40 talented singers. The two guitar players, Mathan Edvy and Lior Alon, were terrific. We sang awesome Israeli songs for about an hour and a half; it was tons of fun! Stay tuned as we plan to host another event in the near future!

Shir Ha’Codesh- The Song of the Month.

Another way to bring some Israeli culture to our community is by sharing a Shir Ha’Chodesh – the Song of the Month. Every month, we will post a new Israeli song that has meaning to the person who selected it. We welcome selections from the TJC community (email us). When you select a song, please provide some context and also introduce yourself.

The November Shir was written by Tirza Atar and composed by Yoni Richter, the “Shabbat B’Boker Yom Yaffe” (Saturday morning is a nice day) was performed by Arik Einstein, an actor and one of Israel’s greatest performers. The themes of many of his songs reflect nostalgia of his childhood in Tel Aviv and the areas around it. He died prematurely at the age of 74 (2013), which was a complete shock and brought great grief to many Israelis (more information about Arik Einstein can be found in this Wikipedia link). My name is Nir Yakoby. I grew up in Israel in a secular home. I served in the Israeli military and studied at Hebrew University prior to moving to the US in 2000. I am married to Beth Yakoby; we have three boys, Noam and Eyal who already graduated from the TJC, and Oren who is now in Sulam. I selected this song since it reminds me of the Shabbat atmosphere where most places are closed, and it provides for a slower day with more local and family activities. To enjoy the song, please go to YouTube.